SOU Enterprise Bargaining UPDATE

Monday the 1st August was the official first day
of the EB process for 2016. The intent is for the process to be completed by
the 1st October with some room for final arbitration by the end of
October that may include backdating to October 1. 

As you would all be
aware, the last EB process included the requirement for an analysis to be
undertaken by the SOU and QFES to review the margin between Station Officer and
the Senior Officer ranks. As per the recommendation, the HR company MERCER has
been involved in undertaking a review of the work value, pay structures and
margins and the type of work undertaken by QFES senior officers compared with
our colleagues in Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Ambulance

The Executive would also like to sincerely thank the 21 members who
participated in one on one interviews with Mercer which has assisted in
informing their review. The SOU Executive have been consulted during the
process and whilst there have been some points of difference along the way,
overall the SOU have been pleased with the process and the methodology to date

The final report is now being completed and will be delivered from
Mercer to QFES and the SOU in near future. The SOU Executive will begin weekly
meetings with QFES and the Government representatives and we will continue to
keep you updated either through email or through your Branch Counsellors via teleconferences. 

Review begins on Senior Officer Wages

Dear SOU

most of you will be aware, the recent Enterprise Bargain Decision including a
recommendation for a review of the Senior Officers wages and the margin between
the pay levels. QIRC Commissioner Bloomfield stated the following in his

“However in an endeavour to try
to accommodate both the interests of QFES and senior officers we would strongly
encourage the respective parties to jointly examine the level of the overall
remuneration package of senior officers employed by QFES compared to comparable
levels of senior officers employed by QPS and QAS and the “margin” between the
pay levels of such senior officers and their subordinates. Information of this
type, as well as the potential assessment of the work performed by senior
officers within QFES by an organisation like Mercer, might help the parties
reach an agreed, or partially agreed position in the lead up to the negotiation
of a Certified Agreement in late 2016.”

first meeting was convened between QFES, the SOU and Mercer on Thursday 16th
May and a project plan of events was tabled by Mercer for this review. As part
of the work there will be a requirement for approximately 18-20 Senior Officers
to be interviewed by Mercer to get an understanding of the complexity of our
work and our expanded role into emergency management. The SOU Executive along
with the Steering Committee will agree to a list of senior officers to be
interviewed that will provide a broad picture of the roles undertaken in our
ranks in 2016.  I will advise the nominated senior officers when they have
been confirmed. If you are requested to participate in an interview, please put
some thoughts around your roles, responsibilities, input into strategic
projects, additional work undertaken outside your normal role, and any
involvement in state projects. Please include any committees that you may sit
on and include your expanded role in terms of emergency management and any
representation on LDMG or DDMGs.

is important that discussions are focused on work value, not just on the amount
of work required to do the job.

SOU Executive will keep you informed as we move through this important process.


Kevin Walsh

State President

Website issues

Hi Members,

The website has experienced issues (caused by me) which has resulted in content being uploaded but not visible when a person clicks on the link.

Some missing content was in relation to our obligated financial disclosures as per the act. This content has now been restored for all to view.

I am endevouring to upload our content so the site becomes current and relevant to our Union.

My apologise for the inconvenience.


Bevan Moore

SOU Secretary 

2016 SOU State Conference

The 2016 SOU State Conference will be held on the 18th March at the SFEST Auditorium.

The agenda will be release approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the conference.

Bevan Moore

SOU Secretary.

Temporary Vice President - Adrian Stafford

The recent promotion of our Vice President (Steve Smith) to Assistant
Commissioner has meant the VP role is now vacant.

Until the SOU can conduct a formal selection process to fill the vacancy
later in the year, the Executive has approved a temporary selection to fill the
vacancy. President Kevin Walsh has been in discussion with Adrian Stafford who
has accepted the temporary role of Vice President.

Those who know Adrian are fully aware of his admirable qualities and
capabilities, Adrian will serve the Senior Officers well in the role of Vice
President - we welcome Adrian to the new role.

Bevan Moore

SOU Secretary