SOU State Conference (Friday 27 March 2009)

Please be advised that the 2009 SOU State Conference will be held on Friday 27 March at the Virginia Palms Conference Centre, commencing at 0900 hrs.

Senior Officers may attend without leave penalty subject to there being no impact on operational service delivery. This has been agreed to between the SOU and the QFRS in accordance with clause 11.5.4 of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Interim Award – State 2003. Officers seeking to attend the Conference should liaise with their Assistant Commissioner, and seek support to attend.

SOU members should notify their Branch Councillor in respect to:

  • Their intention to attend the Conference, and for
  • Submission of agenda items.

Members intending to attend the conference MUST advise their Branch Councillors by 20 March. Branch Councillors, please advise Vice President Kevin Walsh on your regional attendee numbers (including accommodation requirements for those members outside SEQ) on this same date (20 March).

For further information in respect to flight travel arrangements, please contact State Treasurer Neil Reid.

Branch Councillors can provide agenda items directly to the State Secretary.


Andrew Short
State Secretary

Meeting with Minister for Emergency Services (25 February 2009)

The SOU State Executive Committee today (25 February) met with the Minister for Emergency Services and discussed a number of issues of significance to the SOU.  The two primary issues discussed were 1. the QFRS Senior Officer Review process, and 2. the reduced wage differential between Station Officer (BAO) and Inspector ranks.

  1. The QFRS Senior Officer Review.  Discussion centered around the exceedingly long time frame (now 3 years) associated with the completion, and implementation of the review findings.  The Executive emphasised the SOU's desire to see the review findings implemented as soon as possible to assist in improving senior officer span of control, and general workload issues.  The Minister has provided an undertaking to respond (regarding this matter) to the SOU prior to the 6 March 2009.
  2. Reduced wage differential between Station Officer (BAO) and Inspector.  On this point, discussion centered around the impact of the recent UFU wage negotiations on the wage gap between Station Officer (BAO) and Inspector.  As SOU members would be aware, this gap is of concern to the SOU, particularly given the reduced incentive for junior officers to take up the challenge in seeking appointment to Inspector rank.  The Executive proposed that the SOU would be seeking for this matter to be appropriately addressed during the coming EBA process.

This information is provided for SOU members.  These and other SOU operation matters will be discussed further during the 6 March SOU State Council Teleconference.

Thank you

SOU State Secretary 



Outcomes from SOU State Council Teleconference (17 February 2009)

The newly elected SOU State Council convened Tuesday 17 February 2009 via teleconference and discussed a range of issues including:

  • The 2009 Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) SOU strategy.
  • The arrangements for the outstanding South West Region and Brisbane Region Branch Councillor elections. (Members of these two branches will soon be receiving correspondence from the Electoral Commission). 
  • A report on the planning arrangements for the 2009 SOU State Conference. (Provisional Date for conference is Friday 27 March 2009).  Full conference details will be confirmed in the near future.
  • A report on the status of the implementation phase of the QFRS Senior Officers Review.
  • And other SOU operational matters. 

The minutes for the 17 February 2009 State Council meeting will be provided to SOU members via their Branch Councillors.

Thank you.

State Secretary

The SOU is now Online

Welcome to our new official SOU Website. This website will assist the SOU in maintaining up to date communications with its members on many important matters. The SOU Website is one of a number of improvements the SOU is currently progressing in support of reaching our identified objectives. Feedback is most welcome from current members, particularly from an aspect of how this website might be improved.

As always, the SOU is keen to receive membership applications from those officers who are eligible to apply. (See SOU Rules Section 3 - Membership)

Thank you.